Electrodiagnostic studies (EMG/NCV) in Gainesville, FL

Electrodiagnostic (EDx) studies, sometimes called EMG/NCV, are commonly used to test the function of nerves and muscles. These studies may help determine the cause of back or neck pain, numbness, tingling, pain or loss of strength in the extremities. They’re commonly used to diagnose conditions such as peripheral nerve injuries, muscle disease, and radiculopathy (pinched or injured spinal nerves).

Studies may be used to allow the physician to determine how nerves and muscles are functioning, and often helps to determine the possible causes of pain and/or weakness.

The study is performed when the cause of pain, numbness/tingling or weakness may not be clear. The study may also be helpful to determine the severity of a nerve injury or compression or the specific location of nerve compression to assist in determining a location for surgical decompression.