Leg Pain Treatment in Gainesville, FL

At Interventional Medical Associates, we specialize in a variety of pain relief treatments that help patients get the most out of life while dealing with otherwise painful conditions. With our unique approach to pain therapy, we offer leg pain treatments and other services to men and women living in Gainesville, Newberry, Alachua, and those in the surrounding areas of north and central Florida.

What Causes Leg Pain?

Leg pain most often occurs due to overuse or injury in bones and muscle, but can also result from lower back pain. Nerve damage or inflammation can also lead to leg pain. Whatever your source of leg pain, it can limit your ability to exercise and perform other normal activities. At Interventional Medical Associates, we offer leg pain treatment to help patients overcome their condition and resume their normal activities pain-free.

How is Leg Pain Treated?

If your leg pain is a result of muscle, joint, or nerve injury in the legs, we will usually recommend a localized treatment. These treatments can include nerve block injections, joint injections, and stem cell therapy. If your leg pain is a result of pain in the back, we may recommend one of our upper and lower back pain treatments. These may be performed either by themselves or in combination with a leg pain treatment.

When Will I Notice Results from Leg Pain Treatment?

At Interventional Medical Associates, we pride ourselves on developing a unique treatment plan that gives every patient personalized and effective pain therapy. Our goal is to provide patients with long-lasting pain relief that enables them to perform their normal activities without any issues. Many of our treatments facilitate immediate results that help patients feel better before even leaving the office. We combine these with other treatments, such as stem cell therapy, which offers long-term healing to minimize any pain.

If you suffer from leg pain and are considering leg pain treatment at Interventional Medical Associates, contact us today to learn more about our treatments or schedule a consultation. We serve patients from all over Gainesville, including those from Newberry, Alachua, and the neighboring areas of Florida.