Muscle Pain Treatment in Gainesville, FL

Muscle pain is a common symptom of muscular injury, which is common in sports and other physical activities. Interventional Medical Associates offers muscle pain treatments to men and women who are experiencing muscle pain that limits their ability to tolerate their usual activities. We welcome patients from Gainesville, Newberry, Alachua, and other nearby areas of north and central Florida.

What Causes Muscle Pain?

Muscle pain is most often caused by the overuse, strain, or tear of a muscle. This is commonly experienced by athletes or people who do a significant amount of lifting at work. Although these injuries aren’t especially severe, they can cause significant pain and make it difficult to tolerate normal activities. If you develop muscle pain for any of the reasons above, it is important to immediately cease the activity that causes the pain. If muscle use continues, you may worsen the condition and cause a more severe injury.

How is Golfer’s Elbow Treated?

Golfer’s elbow, as the name suggests, is a condition that develops on the inner side of the elbow due to the repeated use of the muscle, typically from golfing. This can cause stiffness in the elbow and make the hands feel weak. While resting and anti-inflammatory medications can usually remedy golfer’s elbow, severe cases may require medical attention. For golfer’s elbow, we may recommend trigger point injections in combination with stem cell therapy.

How is Tennis Elbow Treated?

Tennis elbow is similar to golfer’s elbow, except it affects the outside of the elbow. This develops from the overuse of the forearm muscles, most commonly from tennis playing. This condition is usually treatable with rest and anti-inflammatory medications. In severe cases, as with golfer’s elbow, we usually recommend trigger point injections in combination with stem cell therapy.

How is Tendonitis Treated?

Tendonitis is a condition characterized by the inflammation of the tissue that connects the muscle to the bone. Golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow are both forms of tendonitis, and some of the most commonly diagnosed conditions. Like these conditions, tendonitis can generally be remedied with anti-inflammatory medications and rest. Severe cases may require trigger point injections or joint injections. We may also recommend stem cell therapy to accelerate healing.

How is Piriformis Syndrome Treated?

Piriformis syndrome is a condition involving the piriformis muscle, found in the buttocks, and the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back down the back of the legs. With this condition, the piriformis muscle irritates the sciatic nerve, causing pain, tingling, numbness, or other symptoms. To treat and manage this condition, we may perform piriformis injections or nerve stimulation.

If you are experiencing muscle pain that affects your ability to participate in normal daily activities, contact us today to schedule a consultation for muscle pain treatment. Interventional Medical Associates offers pain relief treatments to men and women living in Gainesville, Alachua, Newberry and the surrounding areas of Florida.