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Pain Management in Gainesville, FL

Whether you suffer from a chronic or acute pain condition, you deserve freedom from pain in pursuing your normal daily activities. Interventional Medical Associates specializes in advanced pain management techniques to help patients regain control of their lives. We embrace the opportunity to serve patients in the Newberry, Alachua and Gainesville communities, as well as all throughout north central Florida.

What is Pain Management?

Many pain conditions, both chronic and acute, are difficult to completely cure. Unfortunately, this leaves many patients suffering through their pain, unable to perform their usual activities. At Interventional Medical Associates, we focus on managing pain through therapy and minimally invasive treatments so patients can enjoy living life free from pain. We recognize every patient is different, which is why we approach each one from a unique perspective, delivering a truly personalized treatment experience. We offer pain management for many areas and conditions, including:

What is Pain Therapy?

Pain therapy describes our unique approach to pain management. Unfortunately, some patients are under the impression that the only effective pain management techniques involve surgery or medications. At Interventional Medical Associates, we incorporate many strategies that facilitate a gentler treatment experience, while still providing effective pain relief. Our pain therapy services include non-invasive and minimally-invasive techniques, as well as emotional education and therapy, enabling our patients to get the most out of life while living pain-free.

What is Radiofrequency Ablation?

Radiofrequency ablation is one of the advanced pain management treatments offered at Interventional Medical Associates. This treatment uses radiofrequency energy to target the damaged nerves responsible for causing pain. It is a minimally invasive procedure, producing both immediate and long-lasting pain relief. With the help of digital x-rays, we are able to pinpoint the damaged nerves without harming any of the surrounding tissue or nerves in the body. This technique is most often used for pain in the neck, back, and joints, although there are many other uses for radiofrequency ablation.

How Much Do Pain Management Treatments Cost?

To determine the exact cost of your treatment, we invite you to schedule a private consultation. During your consultation, we will develop a treatment plan that will offer the best possible care for your unique needs. We will provide you with a clear breakdown of costs and review all payment options. At Interventional Medical Associates, our top priority is delivering exceptional care to help our patients regain control of their lives and live pain-free. In order to make our treatments accessible to those who need them, we accept many types of insurance, as well as payment via cash, check, or credit card.

Interventional Medical Associates is Gainesville’s premier practice for pain management, offering some of the most advanced and effective treatments available. If you live in Gainesville, Newberry, Alachua, or the surrounding areas of Florida, you can trust Interventional Medical Associates for long-lasting pain relief. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a consultation.