Stem Cell Therapy in Gainesville, FL

Stem cell therapy is an advanced technique that has been used for over twenty years, providing a solution for skin replacement, tissue repair, transplanted organ rejection and more. At Interventional Medical Associates, we use stem cell therapy to activate the body’s self-healing mechanisms and provide long-lasting pain relief. We offer stem cell therapy and other procedures to men and women living in Newberry, Alachua, Gainesville and the surrounding areas of Florida.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a healing treatment that uses stem cells to repair a range of damage in the body. Stem cells are cells which have not yet become specialized, meaning they can develop into skin, muscle, cartilage, bone and more to help the body heal. During therapy, stem cells target areas of inflammation and damage, developing into the necessary cells and activating the body’s self-healing mechanisms. As a result, the treated areas are slowly restored, reducing pain symptoms.

What Can Stem Cell Therapy Be Used For?

Stem cell therapy can be an effective treatment option for patients who are suffering from pain or degenerative conditions in the following areas:

  • Joints – Including the hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, and ankles
  • Spine – Including facet joints, sacroiliac joints, degenerated intervertebral discs, and generalized back pain
  • Systemic diseases and complications – Rheumatoid arthritis and painful diabetic neuropathy

Am I A Good Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy?

If you are experiencing any of the pain or conditions listed above, you may be a good candidate for stem cell therapy. Patients whose immune system is suppressed, such as those with malignancies or patients on immunosuppressive drugs, may not be good candidates for this treatment. Although this treatment is sometimes considered experimental, we have achieved safe and effective pain relief by incorporating stem cell therapy into our treatments at Interventional Medical Associates.

How is Stem Cell Therapy Performed?

Stem cell therapy is performed by injecting stem cells into the desired treatment area. This is typically the area where a patient is experiencing joint pain or other conditions. Stem cells are obtained from umbilical cord blood, which we receive exclusively by donation from healthy babies and mothers. These stem cells are carefully collected and processed within the United States. Stem cell therapy has no risk of being rejected by the body because of their unique ability to develop into any type of cell, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into the immune system.

If you are considering stem cell therapy at Interventional Medical Associates, contact us today to schedule a consultation or learn more about the treatment. We offer this and other advanced pain management services to men and women living in Gainesville, Newberry, Alachua, and other nearby areas of north and central Florida.